Treatment Overview

June is a “Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method” Acupuncture practitioner, and has had much success in treating all types of pain syndromes. Depending on your symptoms other treatments may be used in conjunction with your acupuncture treatment plan or as separate treatments on their own. These treatments include: electrical stimulation, cupping, sound healing, Tui Na (Chinese massage) or acupressure, or Gua Sha (scraping). 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treat conditions from the root problem, and not just the symptoms, so with this model, patients observe long lasting results.


Initial TCM Acupuncture Treatment$90 for 90 minutes
Includes medical history questionnaire review, assessment, treatment planning, diagnosis, and acupuncture treatment.
Subsequent TCM Acupuncture Treatment $75 for 75 minutes
Includes reassessment and acupuncture treatment.
TCM Cupping $50 for 45 minutes
Glass cups are applied to the skin using suction and negative pressure.  Cupping is used to drain excess fluids, stimulate the nervous system, loosen adhesions and connective tissue.

Acupuncture & Therapeutics